Jim and Kyle Ashton
Lee and Chris Young
​Joyce Perry (Widow of Dan Perry)
​Charlie and Leanna Stephens Huscher 
Ron and Donita Michaelsen
Cynthia Sebree Woodard
Greg Wilson
James Rick
​Byron and Sandy Norris
Mike Debold
Joe and Dorothy Duncan
Mike and Sandra Helbert
​Paul and Carolyn Ford Everett
​Larry and Christy Melton Walter
Martin and Cindy Ruegsegger
Sue Dalrymple
Ken Huhn
Nancy Garrelts
Paul Hopkins
​Rhonda Lambert Dittmar
​Jerald and Kathleen Engelhart
Nancy Murray Boden
Debbie Gibson Lee
Robert Choate and Diane Duis
Michael Sullivan
​Bob Reynolds and Cathy Anslover
Steve and Valerie Hill
Spence and Anne Erickson Lasley
Elizabeth Boaz Polly
​Bill and Kay Peterman
John and Sharon Frye
Roy and Debbie Hayden
John Allen
Chuck and Deborah Alley Voss
Keith and Janet Rupert
​William and Kathy Rastetter Hay
​Richard and Sherry Rock Gerner
Anthony and Lois Oline Cox
​Dub and Carol Lamb Adams
Diane Kamp
Mark and Beth Wrigley
Sandy Hinde Wallace
Georgia Kay Beck Charles
Cinda Fishburn
Dave and Susan Engle
Vicki Davis Bishop
Roger and Lorene Clark Burch
Reseda Wrigley Mickey
Randy and Luci Williams
Lois Herbert Gibson
Loren and Erie Houltberg
John E and Brenda Peterson
Chris Hoffman
Donna Holmes Antrim and Sterling Roath
Jerry Slaughter
Sid and Susie Reitz
Larry G. and Denise White
​John and Karen Mize
​Jan Willis Demonsy
Dean and Debbie Lewis
Lon and Donna Diehl Wartman
Phil and Donna Walsh
Steve and Carol Parker Britton and Sharon Parker
Jim Pettey
Rena Eshleman Sterling
Cal Gooden
Gary and Martha (Marti) McCall Cox
Ronald Dugger
Cynthia Napier Sherman
Dennis and Cletia Bowles Hronek
​Dan Pestinger and Jacque Vidricksen Conner
Deborah Williamson Mikel
Ed and Jerre Anne Wiggins Morgan
Jolene Boyer Davis (Widow of Steve Davis)
Doug and Pam Egner
Barry and Ruth Burgard
Tom and Rita Jones
Fred Gray
Dennis and Sue Long
Carol Weber Linnens
Rick and Carol Elder Doran
Jeannie Riedel Johnson
Karma Jukes Tidemann and Larry Tidemann
Gary Hauptili (Teacher)
Eric and Barbara Smith Bailey
Tom and Marsha Low
Rod and Peggy Kent Bowman
Rob Phillips
Alan Brown
Robert and Coleen Burt Warkentin
Gayle Rutz McKinney and friend
Gary Sherrer (Teacher)
Pam Swenson Gengler
Mark Soldner
Dennis Everett
Janie Davis Conti
Lorrie Taylor Lloyd
Mick and Kathleen Clark Quinn
Kyle Lyon
Gary and Sheryl Luthi French
Joe and Linda Dolton
Gordon and Patti Fiedler
Dennis Giersch
Michael Olson
Dan and Susie George Harris
Joe McMichael
Linda Young Bowman
Gary and Patti Weiland
Linda Crouthers
Jim and Kathy Zook Johnson
Gary and Louise Knox
Jon and Gaylene Hillan Rupert
Bill and Ann Sawyer Klug
Debbie Maddox Gimbel
John and Beth Fiske Garrison
Jerry and Kathy Vestal Frazier
Howard Divelbiss
Judy Bell Paulette
Nancy Vidricksen Richardson
Jan Daily Everhart
Mike and Julie Baker
Billy Joe Parrson